Lawnmower Sales


MOWER CITY IRELAND also stock a range of push mowers.

MOWER CITY IRELAND stock a range of top-quality petrol lawnmowers. New and second-hand lawnmower sales. We also stock refurbished top-quality second-hand lawnmowers.

NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2020 – a range of new push lawnmowers and a large selection of reconditioned second-hand lawnmowers.

Guidelines for choosing a lawnmower: The lawnmower you choose depends on your specific needs – a smaller walk-behind lawnmower is more suited to restricted spaces such as a small garden. A larger, more powerful model is suited to the larger garden/grass space or for the professional gardener/landscaper. Technological innovation and top-class workmanship characterise MOWER CITY IRELAND’s lawnmower range.

We are happy to accept a trade-in as part-payment on your new lawnmower. Call to the MOWER CITY IRELAND Showroom & Repair Centre. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone to arrange the purchase of your new lawnmower. We can deliver your lawnmower to all areas of the Republic of Ireland for a small additional shipping cost.